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July 9, 2014


Price: $8.95


  • Silver/Black
  • Glimmer Trout
  • Fire Craw
  • Bubble Gum
Silver/Black1 Glimmer Trout2 Fire Craw3 Bubble Gum4

Style: Jerkbait
Size: 4.75 Inches
Weight: 3/4 oz
Depth: 3-10 ft

Action: Custom

Description: Back by Popular Demand, The HD XXL is Dynamics’ most Innovative Design to date. FLEXABILITY is the word for this model. The company spent 3 year in development of the first lure that could be manually adjusted on the fly. The XXL was completed with a Custom Weight System. This system was created to aid fisherman in adapting the lure to the current conditions. With this option, anglers have the flexability to change the internal weight of the lure on demand. Fisherman can now change the lure from a floater to a suspender to a sinker with minimal effort. By simply adding weight bb’s to the custom chamber, you are able to add or subtract weight in the lure. Why would you want to do this you ask? There are times when it matters how the lure reacts on the pause. Do the fish want the lure to rise on the pause, or sink on the pause. Or perhaps they want the lure to freeze and not rise or sink. This suspending action is the most sought after motion in jerkbaits and crankbaits today. There is only one problem with lures that offer this suspending action. Many factors effect this action including elevation, water temp, and barometric pressure. Many store bought suspending lures either float a little or sink and adding lead tape or lead wire to the lure can be a nightmare. With the HD XXL, you can simply add small weight BB’s to the designed chamber. Now with ease, you can adjust your lure to meet your specific conditions.


Style: Jerkbait
Size: 4.75 Inches
Weight: 3/4 oz
Depth: 3-10 ft
Action: Custom  

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